Excellence is our motto!

At myelectricscooter, we believe in better products, better service and better customer support. Our approach is simple; put the customer first.

We’re obsessively passionate about Hoverboards, Electric Scooters, Electric Skateboards, in fact all forms of electric transport, and our mission is to help our customers enjoy and love these products as much as we do (without an hassle), saving the planet with Greener Technology at the same time.

We focus on great design, premium quality, rational pricing customer service and aftercare. Hoverboards are some of the most technological advanced gadgets out there and we strive to help you the customer make informed and considered decisions.

Why Us?

Since 2015 myelectricscooter has been supporting retailers manufacture products, our insight and has lead to one conclusion: most retailers are simply profit driven. At every corner, quality, function and design are compromised in favour of profit. We witnessed this and felt customers deserved better. So we’ve strived to create a store where the focus is driven towards quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Our unique range of Hoverboards and other Electric Transport products are designed with safety and quality at the heart. Ensuring conformity with UK/EU regulations for each product where applicable. We take no shortcuts and no chances.

We sincerely hope our love of this Eco Green Technology is shared by our customers and we strive to develop better products always.

Our commitment will always be to our products and customers first.